Elegant Dining Room Lighting Ideas

lighting ideas for dining room pictures

Dining room lighting ideas are special features to discuss in order to make the dining room better. Have you taken a look at your dining room? Does it look cold? Does it look too cheerful? You may get questioning all the time, and then you realize that there is something inappropriate with the lighting. Dining room needs special lighting to boost and support the mood. It is an important place while you are having dinner. Make sure it can be formal and friendly at the same time.

 Chandelier for dining room lighting ideas

You may think it is too much installing chandelier in your dining room, you may think that it is more appropriate to place on the living room. Don’t be worried with that. Chandelier can be formal and cozy for dining room lighting. The important thing is find the best and the most suitable style of chandelier. The luxurious crystal one doesn’t match.

 Playing with the bulbs!

You can maximize the naked bulbs as the lighting in your dining room. Turn them into bare pendant, string, sconce or modern chandelier. It is based on the characters of the area surround it. Pick the suitable one and get your friends swooning.

Special Guest Bedroom Ideas In Bright Scheme

guest bedroom ideas decorating

Guest bedroom ideas can be difficult for some because it is seldom to be used. Sometimes it can look so spacious although the size is small. It is because no one owns this room and no-one stuff dominates the room. Therefore, to make it both cozy and pretty you need to design, redesign or perhaps redecorate the guest bedroom in your house so your guests can be comfort to stay in.

Guest bedroom ideas in bright scheme

Some colors like soft yellow, pastel, beige, and soft brown are the best choice you can take as the tone of the guest bedroom. Besides making spacious, this color is really kind to welcome your guests. You want their sleep absolutely tight and comfort, don’t you?

 Special theme to make it special

Certain theme like coastal or serene can be considered as the theme style of the guest bedroom. It supports the bright scheme to be more gorgeous after all. You may also add some elements like painting, greeneries, flower pot and translucent curtain to create perfect ambience. Complete them with drawers or closet to make your guests easy to keep their things. Do you want to refresh your bedroom with these simple things?

Organized Basement Storage Ideas

basement storage shelving ideas

Basement storage ideas give you a favor to deal with storage space and problem. There are two major storage spaces in a house, basement and attic. Basement is a part of your house consisting of rooms or a room that are partly or completely below the level of the ground. Attic is a space or a room at the top of your house or under the roof. Everyone knows that basement is easier to access; therefore, basement is used for tools storage or things you need frequently.

 Basement storage ideas with a set of drawers

To make your basement organized, what are more useful that drawers? You can buy a set of drawers; the cheaper one is made from plastic, to keep your things and tools. Give each drawer label or name to ease you find the things. Besides, drawers also make the basement more spacious and bright. You know that crowded and messy basement is related to darkness.

 Use a space under the stair

The space under the stair of your basement can be maximized also to keep the things. You can make customized drawers to be placed under it. In addition, stick hooks to hang something also ends up in tidy.

Dealing With The Old Stuffs For Creative Bedroom Ideas

creative bedroom decorating ideas diy

Creative bedroom ideas are not only for kids. If you find your bedroom in boredom, old, getting ancient and isn’t fresh anymore, it is time for you to refresh it. Take a look at the elements and find some that are possible to retouch or redecorate. Some of them are bookshelves, wall, headboard, bedding set, lamp, and even the style of drapery and curtain. You may want to buy the new one, it is okay. But, renew your old things will sound interesting, won’t it?

Creative bedroom ideas with the old stuffs

Your old stuffs can be useful. You have two options, make it to be new or make it to be aged. You can renew them by adding something new like sticker, polish or even ribbon or lace. Aged stuff will make the ambience to be vintage and rustic. It seems good to go back to 60’s, doesn’t it?

 Deal with the headboard

Headboard can be a focal point of your bedroom. Explore your creativity to make it unique. Old wood, ranch, branch or greeneries look good to refresh your headboard. It doesn’t always change the color or the tones, it is just about let the new elements to come in.

Inexpensive But Pretty Powder Room Ideas For A New Ambience

powder room ideas contemporary

Powder room ideas become useful if at the present you find yourselves lend your restroom or bathroom to the guests or a friend of yours that stay for night. It is the time for you to think about it, find the best idea to design or redesign and even decorate your powder room. Perhaps, powder room is just the smallest room in your house. Nevertheless, its functions are bigger that its size. Have you taken a look at your powder room? Do you think you need some touches to make it fresh?

Powder room ideas with low budget

You have already had your powder room, so what do you need? Some touches. It doesn’t need too much cash. You don’t need to change the tiles with marbles or change the colors. If you have a plain white or neutral powder room, you just need to put some accessories like flower pot or even pictures in frame as a wallpaper.

 Change the lighting

The cheapest but best to change the ambience of your powder room is on the lighting. You can change from the fitting ceiling into hanging pendant, standing lamp or even the desk side lamp one. Try and find the difference.